bullet "Hotspur" Sir(1) was born on 20 May 1364.(2) He died on 23 Jul 1403.(3) against King Henry IV's men Parents: Sir Henry Percy and Lady Margaret Nevill.

He was married to Percy .(4) Children were: Sir Henry Percy.

bullet Adela resided.(5)

She was married to Geoffrey Greygown Plantagenet.(6) Children were: Fulk Plantagenet III.

bullet Adelaide died in 1154.(7) She resided in Savoy. (8)

She was married to King of France Louis the Fat VI in 1115.(9) Children were: King of France Louis the Younger VII.

bullet Adele died in 1206.(10) She resided. (11)

She was married to King of France Louis the Younger VII in 1160. (12) Children were: King Augustus.

bullet Aelendis resided.(13)

She was married to Ingelger Plantagenet.(14) Children were: Fulk Plantagenet.

bullet Agatha Parents: Stephen I.

She was married to Edward Athling.(15) Children were: St Margaret Athling.

bullet Alfgar Earl(16) resided in Mercia. (17)

Children were: Edith Swan-neck (Ealdgyth).

bulletKing of Castile Alfonso IX(18) died in 1230.(19)

Children were: Blanche.

bulletKing of West Saxons Alfred(20) (21) was born in 849 in Wantage.(22) He died in 899.(23) He has reference number the Great. The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina, Page 19-22 A few items of English history complied from various sources will be appropriate just here. Christianity, first planted in England by the Apostles, probably Paul himself, although persecuted and oppressed, survived even the period of Roman occupation. After the Romans had abandoned the Island, about 449, Hengist and Horsa, two Jutish chiefs, invaded the country, and drove out the Picts. Following soon after these, Ella the Saxon, with three sons and three shiploads of Buccaneers, consisting of Angles and Saxons, two nearly related peoples, landed upon the southern coast and established themselves. These were followed by similar successive immigrations, which resulted in Anglo-Saxon sovereignty, and spreading over the Island their English language, finally giving to it the name of Anglo-land or England. The seven leading States of the Saxon Heptarchy were ruled by petty Princes, who from time to time were dominated by some one more powerful than the others. They were in no sense a confederacy, and when they had subdued the Britons, they were continually fighting among themselves. "The principal diet of these early English or Saxon tribes is said to have been beef and pork, taken with copious draughts of ale and mead. They were hard drinkers and hard fighters, and their wild lives were usually cut short by battle or pestilence." Although Christianity was so early planted in England, the antagonism between the two races was too bitter to encourage the British Christians to mission work among the Saxons. Four generations were born and buried before this hostility died away, and intercourse between the peoples gradually obliterated differences of race. The Britons, however, sent missionaries among the Irish Celts in the fifth century; also to the Picts of North Britain, and even to the continent of Europe, (See Twenty Centuries of English History, by James R. Joy.) These invading tribes of Jutes, Angles and Saxons were all pagans, and Ethelbert, King of Kent, had married a Christian princess, Bertha, a daughter of a King of the Franks. She was permitted to worship the Christian God in the royal town of Canterbury. To her Pope Gregory commended his missionary, Augustine (597 A. D.). Suspecting sorcery, Ethelbert received the monks under the open sky. He accepted their doctrines and many of his court were baptized. From this beginning first one and then another state of the Heptarchy embraced Christianity, until Mercia alone was left and became the rallying ground of paganism, with King Penda its defender. Finally in 655 the Mercians were conquered and embraced Christianity. Penda was overthrown by Oswald and the last hold of paganism fell. In 680 King Ethelred divided the kingdom of the Mercians into dioceses and placed a bishop's seat at Leicester. During the eighth century the Danes began to make incursions, and ultimately succeeded in establishing themselves. During these incursions, having subjected to their own rule portions of North Britain, Ireland and other neighboring isles, they allied themselves with the Welsh, the hereditary foe of only bow the knee to their pagan god, Woden. He defied them and was put to death by torture for his refusal. Elated with successive triumphs the Danes then rushed upon Wessex, but found their match at Ashdune (871) where King Ethelred, son of Ethelwolf, with his young brother, Alfred, beat them with great slaughter. Alfred became king at twenty-one and continued his warfare against the Danes until 878, when Guthrum, their king, agreed to terms of peace and was baptized into the Christian faith. The several States were united under Alfred, who has ever been regarded as the greatest of English kings, great in war, but greater in peace. Of his five children only one, Edward the elder, wore a crown Parents: Ethelwul (Hugo) King and Osburh.

He was married to Ealhswith.(24) Children were: Edward the Elder, Lady Ethelfleda.

bullet King of the East Saxon Algar(25) (26) was born before 1053.(27) He died after 1053.(28) Parents: King of Leicester Leofric and Godiva.

He was married to Alversa Malet. (29) Children were: Edwyn (Edwin).

bullet King of Scotland Alpin(30) died in 834. (31)

Children were: King of Scotland Kenneth Macalpin.

bulletAlward was born about 995.(32)

She was married to Earl Leofwine Leofern (Leoferin). (33) Children were: King of Leicester Leofric .

bullet Amicia

She was married to Lord John Le Strange. (34) Children were: Lord John Le Strange .

bullet Anarawd Parents: Rhodri Mawr the Great.

He was married. Children were: Idwal Foel the Bald.

bullet Angharad Parents: Maredudd.

She was married to Llywelyn Ap Seisyll.(35) Children were: Gruffydd Ap Llywelyn.

bullet Anne was born about 1024.(36) She died about 1066.(37) She resided in Kieve. (38)

She was married to King Henry I in 1051.(39) Children were: King Phillip the Fair.

bullet Aoife (Eva) Parents: King of Leinster Dermot MacMurrough .

She was married to Earl Richard the Strongbow. (40) Children were: Isabel.

bullet Aremburg died in 1126.(41) She resided in Maine. (42)

She was married to Fulk Plantagenet V.(43) Children were: Count Geoffrey Plantagenet.

bullet King Augustus(44) was born on 21 Aug 1165 in Nr: Paris.(45) He died on 14 Jul 1223 in Mantes.(46) He was buried in St. Denis. (47) He resided. (48) Parents: King of France Louis the Younger VII and Adele.

He was married to Isabella in 1180.(49) Children were: King Louis the Lion VIII.

bullet Baeldaeg (Beldeg) was born. He died. The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina, page 21: brother of King Veldeg Parents: Woden .

Children were: Brond (Brando).

bulletCount Baldwin V(50) resided in Flanders. (51)

Children were: Gilbert De Gaunt, Matilda (Maude).

bulletBeaw . The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina, page 21: says Anserie Saxon King, d. A. D. 1 Parents: Sceldwa.

Children were: Taetwa.

bulletBedwig . Parents: Sceaf.

He was married. Children were: Hwala.

bullet Bernard resided in Neufmarche.(52)

He was married to Nest.(53) Children were: Sybil.

bullet Bertha resided in Gloucester.(54) Parents: Earl Miles and Sybil.

She was married to Lord William De Braose. (55) Children were: Reginald De Braose.

bullet Bertha died in 1093.(56) She resided. (57)

She was married to King Phillip the Fair in 1072.(58) Children were: King of France Louis the Fat VI.

bullet Bertrada resided in Montfort.(59)

She was married to Fulk Plantagenet IV. (60) Children were: Fulk Plantagenet V .

bullet Bethoc Parents: Malcolm II.

She was married to Crinan.(61) Children were: Duncan I.

bullet Blanche was born in 1188.(62) She died in 1252. (63) She resided. (64) Parents: King of Castile Alfonso IX .

She was married to King Louis the Lion VIII in 1200.(65) Children were: King Louis (St. Louis) IX.

bullet King of Ireland Brian Boru(66)

He was married. Children were: Dearbforgail.

bullet Brond (Brando) was born. He died. Parents: Baeldaeg (Beldeg) .

Children were: Frithogar (Fredgar).

bulletCadell died in 909.(67) Parents: Rhodri Mawr the Great.

Children were: Hywel Dda the Good.

bulletKing Ceawlin (Ceaulin)(68) (69) was born in 590.(70) He died in 593.(71) (72) He resided in Wessex.(73) The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina, page 21: conquered Sussex

or 592 Parents: King of Wessex Cynric (Cenric).

Children were: Cuthwine (Cuthwin).

bulletCenred (Kenred) was born. He died. Parents: Ceolwald .

Children were: Ingild (Inigisilo).

bulletCeolwald . Parents: Cuthwulf (Cutha or Cuth).

He was married. (74) Children were: Cenred (Kenred).

bullet Cerdic King(75) emigrated in 495. (76) He died in 534.(77) (78) He was born. He resided in Wessex. (79) The Alstons and Allstons of North and South Carolina: page 21: very old Parents: Elesa (Elistus) .

Children were: King of Wessex Cynric (Cenric).

bulletConstance died in 1032.(80) She resided. (81)

She was married to King Robert the Pious in 1003.(82) Children were: King Henry I.

bullet Constance resided.(83)

She was married to Duke John Plantagenet.

bullet King of Scotland Constantine II(84) Parents: King of Scotland Kenneth Macalpin.

He was married. (85) Children were: King of Scotland Donald II.

bullet Crinan

He was married to Bethoc. (86) Children were: Duncan I.

bullet King of England Curtmantle(87) was born on 25 Mar 1133 in Le Mans.(88) He died on 6 Jul 1189 in Chinon.(89) He was buried. (90) Parents: Count Geoffrey Plantagenet and Matilda (Maud).

He was married to Eleanor on 18 May 1152 in Bordeaux. (91) Children were: King of England John Lackland Plantagenet.

bullet Cuthwine (Cuthwin) died in 581.(92) He was born. Killed Parents: King Ceawlin (Ceaulin).

Children were: Cuthwulf (Cutha or Cuth).

bulletCuthwulf (Cutha or Cuth) was born. He died. Parents: Cuthwine (Cuthwin).

Children were: Ceolwald.

bulletCynan . Parents: Iago.

He was married. (93) Children were: Gruffydd Ap Cynan.

bullet King of Wessex Cynric (Cenric)(94) died in 560.(95) (96) He resided in Wessex.(97) Parents: Cerdic King.

Children were: King Ceawlin (Ceaulin).

bulletDearbforgail died in 1080.(98) Parents: King of Ireland Brian Boru.

She was married to King of Ireland Dermont Macmailnamo.(99) Children were: Murchad.

bullet King of Scotland Donald II(100) Parents: King of Scotland Constantine II.

He was married. (101) Children were: Malcolm I.

bullet King of Leinster Donchad(102) died in 1126.(103) Parents: Murchad.

Children were: Enna.

bulletDuncan I. Parents: Crinan and Bethoc.

He was married to Sybil. (104) Children were: King Malcolm Canmore III .

bullet Eaba (Esa) was born. He died. Parents: Eoppa.

Children were: Under-King Ealhmund (Elemund).

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